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Reasons to Remove A Tree Stump

You finally cut down that monster tree in your yard, the one that was always causing problems. Now you are left with its stump, a constant reminder of the tree that once was.  Should you just leave the stump alone, or remove it from your yard?

Here are some excellent reasons to move forward with that stump removal:

ASETHETIC APPEAL   Trees are beautiful; stumps are not. Since you can’t bring back the once beautiful tree, it makes sense to use one of many methods to remove it. Although it will take work to extract the unsightly stump, the appearance of your yard will greatly benefit, and you and your neighbors will be happier that the eyesore has been removed.Stump Removal OKC

SAFETY   Do you have small children? Elderly family members? Pets that play in your yard? If so, a stump can be a hazard. Oftentimes, the remnants of the tree aren’t seen until someone has taken a nasty fall, which can be a liability on your property. Removing the stump and filling the hole removes the hazard.

EQUIPMENT   Maneuvering around an old tree stump while mowing your lawn can be tricky. Edging around a tree stump is even trickier. By excavating the stump, lawn mowing, and maintenance is easier, and there’s no risk of damaging your mower or edger in the process!

PROPERTY VALUE   No one has ever asked their real estate agent to show them a beautifully landscaped home that included an old stump. Taking out the stump will change the appearance of your yard and enhance its curb appeal, resulting in an increased property value.

YARD SPACE    Interested in planting new trees or shrubs, or possibly even a garden? That stump is taking up valuable space that could be used for something new. A tree stump will often sprout new trees around it, even if you weren’t wanting it to. To avoid unwanted growth in your yard, uproot that stump!

ROOTS   Stumps maintain their roots, even after the tree is cut down. Those roots can interfere with the foundation of your home, your pipes, or your driveway. Take out the stump and the roots to avoid any infrastructure issues.

DISEASE   Even though the tree may be gone, the stump can still house diseases that can spread to other trees and shrubs. Decaying stumps can also attract pests such as wasps, bees, carpenter arts and termites, to name just a few. These invaders will move to other trees and even to your home after they have destroyed the stump, so it is best to remove the stump after you cut down the tree. Additionally, old stumps are a breeding ground for fungi, which can be harmful or even deadly to pets and small children.

Once you have decided to remove the stump, it is necessary to determine the best way to do so. Most frequently, removal requires digging the stump out, including its roots. A stump can also be ground down, known as stump grinding, but the roots remain intact.  Drilling holes into the stump and injecting nitrogen laden chemicals will help break down the stump’s composition to make it easier to remove. You can opt to remove the stump on your own or you can enlist the assistance of professional arborists. By leaving the task to the professionals, you can ensure the job will be exacted with care. Stump removal can be an arduous job and having a tree extraction team assess your situation to determine the best course of action. Have questions about stump removal? We’re here to help you in tree services!

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