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Your home’s trees add beauty, shade, and even prevent soil erosion to your home’s landscape. To maintain your trees’ aesthetics, it is important to prune and trim them regularly. This will not only keep them lush and beautiful, but it will also keep them healthy and thriving.

Here are ten reasons why you should consider pruning your trees:

SAFETY One of the most important reasons to prune any tree is safety. Cutting back overgrown or decaying branches that could potentially fall on your home, your property, or even a family member is the number one reason to trim those trees! A large tree limb can be an overt hazard in the event of a storm, or even just due to the weakening of branches over time. Taking an afternoon to remove these branches can save you time, money, and most importantly, protect your loved ones and property from potential damage.Tree Pruning OKC

AESTHETIC APPEAL  Have you ever driven past a neighbor’s yard, only to marvel at how beautiful the trees are maintained? Expertly shaped, healthy, glorious trees that add to the home’s curb appeal? Now, picture a home with dead or decaying trees, or fully overgrown landscaping. The difference between the aesthetic appeal of these homes can be as simple as pruning the trees and shrubs on a regular basis.

ENHANCED VALUE  Removing the debris, clutter, and overgrowth shows you take pride in your home and its surroundings and if regularly maintained, the lively trees add value to your property. A home with attractive landscape will generally sell for more money as it makes a lasting, positive first impression.

THE MR. ROGERS EFFECT  What could be more neighborly than trimming your trees so the overgrowth does not blossom into a nearby resident’s yard?

SHAPE By periodically pruning your trees, you are maintaining their shape. Some trees grow wildly and left untrimmed can sprout limbs in inopportune places, like just outside the window of your home. Left unmanaged, the branch could impede the walkway to your house or break the glass to the window. By shaping the tree, you control its growth pattern to avoid possible hazards, but you can add to the tree’s overall appeal.

FLOWERING AND FRUIT A flowering or fruit bearing tree can benefit from pruning because the strongest plants on the tree will produce, once the withering ones are removed. Fruit trees that are pruned have better air circulation, which results in fruit that is less likely to be inflicted with disease and will generally ripen faster.

PRUNING YOUNGER TREES Younger trees grow stronger and healthier when properly managed.  Removing lower limbs gives the tree’s trunk the opportunity to branch higher and not be bogged down by excess limbs. By cutting these lower limbs, the tree can maintain a stable framework that ensures its growth into a healthy, mature tree.

PRUNING OLDER TREES Older trees benefit from pruning, as well. To ensure its continued health, it is essential to remove dead, diseased and dying branches from the established tree, as they can affect the overall health of the tree.  Removal of these limbs also encourages the growth of the stronger parts of the tree and helps it to reach its optimal size. Once the debris is removed, sunlight and fresh air can permeate the area around the tree, adding to its health.

DISEASE PREVENTION Trees are susceptible to illness, just like any other living thing. By carefully pruning your trees, you can help rid of disease-ridden branches and can keep the disease from spreading. 

VISTA VIEWING Oftentimes, trees are planted and grow to such great heights that they obstruct another view. Palm trees left unattended can clutter a view of the ocean, or stately pine trees can cover up mountain views. Pruning these trees can help to maintain their health while also clearing the path to other sights.

Need assistance pruning your trees professionally? We can help. Our expert arborists are available for advice and professional tree services. Contact us with your questions!

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