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What To Do After You Remove Your Tree Stump

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You have decided to remove that eyesore of a stump from your yard, distinctly improving the appearance of your home’s landscaping. Whether you choose to take the stump out by yourself or you enlist the service of a professional tree service, it will benefit your yard in many different ways. However, one of the biggest questions to ponder is that once the stump has been removed, what do you do with the gaping hole it left behind? The large crater can not only leave your yard with an unappealing blemish, but the divit in the ground the stump left behind can also be a liability, especially for children, older adults and pets. What do you do after you remove a stump to improve your yard?

When you determined that the tree in your yard had to be leveled, you may have thought you could live with the old stump that it left behind. But, stumps don’t lend much aesthetic appeal to a yard, and they can house pests. Excavating the remininates of the tree is the best choice but leaving a big hole in your ground is not!

Once the stump has been removed, you can choose to fill the hole with dirt and soil to encourage new growth. Some people opt to close the space with concrete and fashion a patio or firepit in its place. Choosing how you want to use the area is the first step in deciding how to fill the hole as different materials and equipment may be necessary.

Depending upon the size of the hole, you may be able to hatchet out stray roots and then rake out the excess debris left behind by the tree. If you decide to try and grow grass in the tree’s place, make sure you have seeds and enough topsoil to level the area. Or, if you choose to create a seating area, you may need a concrete leveling machine, or just a trowel, depending on how large of a space you are looking to cover. Another option is to plant a flower bed in place of the stump, or another type plant. Planting a tree in the same spot as the previous one may not work well; there may be rotting wood or roots that may get in the way, stunting the new tree’s growth. If you do decide to replace the tree, move it away from the place that used to house the stump. Lastly, you will want to make sure the surrounding soil is compatible with whatever you decide to plant.

Whatever you decide to do in your yard, it is important that you remove the stump and then fill the space left by the stump’s absence. Tree stumps often house fungi and diseases which can spread to other trees and can cause harm. Also, a tree stump left in a yard can also soak up water meant for other trees and not only an unattractive addition to your landscaping, but it can also rot and attract unwanted residents such as termites, carpenter ants, and boring beetles.  While they may be small, they can be very intrusive pests; infiltrating the other plants, trees, and shrubs in your yard. Left unattended, these invaders can make their way into your house and cause potential problems. Taking out the stump and replacing it with another plant or a new patio slab can help ward off those possible pests.

Stump removal may not be an easy venture, but it is a positive move for the aesthetic of your yard. Enlisting the help of a tree service to remove the stump, and fill the hole would be advantageous because they can answer your questions and assist with any potential issues.

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